Publications: Free Practical Strategies and Basic Guides

Since 1985, we have offered to our clients popular and current articles and guides designed to provide basic information on voice optimization. If you would like a copy of one of the current guides listed below, please click on the article or guide title on the Contact Page to send us an email request.

1) The Advantages of Drinking Water: A three-page guide to the advantages of drinking water for the benefit of maintaining a healthy voice.

2) Tongue Thrust Re-Training: A one-page overview of the nature of tongue thrust retraining for those who thrust their tongue forward during swallowing and speaking.

3) What Makes a Great Speaker: A one-page highlight of tips for the person who wants to make a public presentation.

4) Coping With a Hoarse Voice: A two-page guide to suggestions for the person who has chronic vocal hoarseness.

5) Guide to the Pronunciation of Asian Pacific Names: Forty pages of abbreviated information that provides the pronounciation highlights of popular names in languages from the following Asian countries: Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, Philippines, and Vietnam. Limited quantities are available.

6) May is Better Hearing and Speech Month: A one-page highlight of speech, language and hearing problems and ways to understand and overcome them.

7) Hear, Hear! Scientists Map What Charisma Sounds Like: From the Wall Street Journal 12/2/14

Selected Publications and Research in Progress by Rhoda L. Agin, Ph.D.

To give you a sense of Dr. Agin's scope of professional interests, we have posted a list of professional articles and publications.

Article Agin, R. L. (2007). "Vocal Trends in American English," Etai Forum Journal, English Teachers Association of Israel. Summer 2007.

Article Agin, R. L. (2002). "Using Vocal Dynamics to Impart Meaning," Etai Forum Journal. English Teachers Association of Israel. Summer 2002.

Chapters Agin, R.L. (1999). Clinical Management of Voice Disorders in Culturally Diverse Children: Background and Definition and Clinical Management of Voice Disorders in Culturally Diverse Children: Therapy and Intervention. In T. Coleman, Clinical Management of Communication Disorders in Culturally Diverse Children. Chicago, Ill: Allyn and Bacon Publishers.

Book Agin, R.L., Fong, C., Sakai, S., Basu, A. (1992). Guide to the Pronunciation of Asian Names. California State University, Hayward, and Asian American Educators Council.

Chapter Agin, R.L. (1991). Voice Disorders, in L. Cole and V.R. Deal, Multicultural Literacy in Communication Disorders: A Manual for Teaching Cultural Diversity within the Professional Education Curriculum.. Rockville, MD: American Speech Language-Hearing Association.

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